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Keep your company moving with low profile/business machine casters

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Low profile/business machine casters are ideal for business equipment, including copiers, printers, computer and server racks, store displays, vending machines, storage cabinets, diagnostic equipment, and much more.  Our low-profile/business machine casters stay out of sight with their low overall height, and their wide wheels and short swivel offsets means high capacity and long-life durability.  California Caster offers low profile/business machine casters in a variety of mount types and materials.  Call California Caster today for help finding the right low profile/business machine casters for your application.


Atlas Leveling Casters for Industrial Automation Applications

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California Caster is pleased to offer Atlas Leveling Casters. Designed for automation applications in the semiconductor, medical, and pharmaceutical industries, these precision casters reduce installation cost and improve equipment stability by combining a caster and a leveling component.

Atlas Leveling Casters come in 500 lb. 1000 lb.-rated models for heavy-duty industrial applications. They’re lightweight and extremely durable, with significant advantages over competitors’ products:

  • Leveler is concentric with caster swivel axis.
  • Patented kingpin rivet construction reduces shock loads by up to 65% compared to other stamped and cold-forged steel casters.
  • Dual wheels for high load capacity, low height, and excellent ergonomics.
  • Multiple wheel options, including low-cost phenolic and high-performance polyurethane with precision bearings.
  • Leveling component adjusts easily with standard tools.
  • Standard length-of-travel is one inch beyond the wheel; extended-length levelers are available.
  • Compatible with Atlas Zone 4-tested seismic restraints.

Atlas offers 100% stainless steel and semi-stainless (approximately 90% stainless) versions of its leveling casters, to meet the varied needs of pharmaceutical and semiconductor equipment industries. The stainless version is suitable for washdown applications. The semi-stainless version, intended for non-washdown cleanroom applications in the semiconductor equipment industry, is more cost-effective and looks identical to the 100% stainless version.

Contact California Caster today to find out more about Atlas Leveling Casters.

Need Stem Casters?

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Stem casters are an excellent choice for light to medium duty applications with limited mounting-surface space where a top plate won’t fit, such as chair and table legs, shelving, carts, etc. They’re an easy way to make shelving and furniture easily moveable—e.g., for cleaning or rearranging floor space—and they’re ideal for wire shelving units with hollow tubes or pipes.  Stem casters are commonly found in hospitals, restaurants, offices and any other place where space is an issue.

Stem casters come in threaded, plain, grip-neck, grip-ring, round, hollow kingpin, and expanding adapter varieties, and they’re available with or without multiple brake options.  Round stem casters are typically found on scaffolding and have a hole in the stem where a cotter pin securely attaches it to the application.  Need stem casters? You’ll find a full selection at California Caster!

Light-duty casters for industrial, retail, and consumer applications

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Casters come in wide-ranging types and sizes. Light-duty casters are strong, durable, economical wheel assemblies, designed for various industrial, retail, and consumer applications. Industrial applications include light-assembly dollies, hand trucks, wire racks, and shopping carts. Retail and consumer applications include rolling display racks, chests, cabinets, and other furniture.

California Casters sells light-duty casters for a wide variety of applications. Our light duty casters are engineered to support loads of up to 450 lbs., absorbing shock to cushion loads and ensuring a reliable, consistent roll. Double ball bearings give them a long service life.

Position Lock Accessory, Model#SL160000

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This position lock accessory is compatible with the 1400-3400 caster series.  It is hand-activated and can be disengaged for continuous swiveling or engaged for straight-line traveling.  It is ideal if you need lateral/horizontal movement without the bulk of a total lock.