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Keghook Hand Truck

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A keghook hand truck is a must for anyone who moves kegs on a regular basis. Staying upright has its benefits, one of which is ease of movement. The keghook can be stored in tight spaces.  It is perfect for bars, taprooms, and restaurants that offer a robust variety of beers, saving both time and your employees’ backs. For keg distribution operations, it is hard to beat the speed and ease of a keghook hand truck.  This is one specialized tool that pays for itself.

Cargo Load Bars

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Cargo load bars help secure loads from shifting and falling during transport.  They can be used in vans, trucks, or trailers between walls or between the floor and roof.  The light duty bars shown here are designed to fit in a pickup truck and will fit a range of 47 to 75 inches.   The load bars we offer stand up to the rigors of daily use, are safe and easy to use, and spring-loaded.  These are suitable for environments from -35 F to 106 F.

Panel Mover Carts

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The Panel Mover from Raymond Products has mold-on rubber wheels that will work under many working conditions.  What sets this panel mover apart from the rest is the removable sides, which allow for customization on the fly for any job.  That means this cart can be used to move anything from drywall and partition panels to mattresses and tables.Raymond Panel Mover Carts

Dutro Appliance Hand Trucks

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Using the right tool for the job is important.  Here at California Caster we pride ourselves on making your job easier with our extensive inventory of specialty handtrucks.  Dutro appliance handtrucks are specifically built to handle any appliance safely and efficiently.  Constructed to carry large loads,  these handtrucks feature the new one belt retract system and swing out options for ease of use, stability, and durability. The design and function of these handtrucks are unparalleled.  Come down and check them out yourself — You won’t leave disappointed.


Steel Tri-Dolly

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The heavy duty Payson Tri-Dolly has a cast iron frame with a recessed triangular center.  It is equipped with 3 double ball bearing swivel casters that come with a variety of wheel sizes that can hold up to 630 lbs.  These reliable tri-dollies are standard use for the Post Office.  Make moving everything from heavy machinery to pool tables a breeze with these dollies.