Giving back – What is our responsibility?

I heard Colin Powell once say the problem with giving back is that it involves a certain amount of giving up. That said, what is our responsibility as a company when it comes to giving back? What time commitments should

Learn about Bellman Cart – Luggage Cart Casters

The hotel and related hospitality industries use some unique and standard casters for luggage carts and other carts. These casters are ideal for the hospitality industry and maneuver easily in elevators while providing an attractive appearance for this industry.  The

Which Hand Truck is right for your company?

Hundreds of drivers, business owners and movers drop by our retail facility in San Francisco looking for the perfect hand truck.  Our goal at California Caster and Hand Truck is to provide as wide a selection of manufacturers as possible

High Temperature Caster Wheels

California Caster’s High Temperature Caster Wheels with Steel Shielded Hi-Temp Precision Ball Bearings surpasses all other high temperature wheels in performance, longevity and cost. The maintenance free steel shielded precision ball bearings provide ease of rollability along with reduced maintenance

Genesis Caster Series

Looking for IV Pole casters that will not collect thread and hair? The NEW GENESIS caster concealed axle design with integrated thread guards offers that benefit and it is stylish too. The caster housing is made of a strong corrosive resisted polymer