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Shepherd Regent Series Light Duty Casters

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Regent Series Caster with Thermoplastic Rubber Wheel Shepherd’s popular Regent Series’ variety of fastening, size, and wheel options gives you thousands of part combinations.  You will be sure to find the perfect caster to meet your light duty mobility needs.  The Regent Series is also fully heat treated, which means extended mobility life.  Ideal applications include store fixtures carts, institutional equipment, medical equipment, and furniture.  Manufactured in the USA, Shepherd’s Regent Series delivers quality and value for your mobility needs.

Anti-Static Casters

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Electronic equipment can be damaged by the electrostatic discharge of a simple human touch. Damage can be caused by this discharge and it is very costly and frustrating to the medical industry. Medcaster Antistatic casters and wheels can help minimize the risk of electrostatic discharge. These casters and wheels conform to CEN standards with resistance values < 10,000 ohms (measured at 500V DC, with a minimum output of 50 V DC at 1,000 ohms resistance.

There are 4 different Antistatic Casters and wheels to choose from as listed:

Antistatic Chrome Hospital (CH) & Stainless Steel (SS) SERIES



  • Food Service                                                                                     
  • Institutional Equipment
  • Case Carts                                                                                          
  • Store Fixtures
  • Utility Carts                                                                                       
  • Medical Equipment
  • Hospital Equipment


  • Chrome Plated Finish                                                                 
  • Dual Balls Swivel Raceways for added Strength
  • Total Lock Brake – Models lock both swivel and wheel
  • Directional Lock – Models locks swivel only (helps with steering)
  • Precision ball bearings in wheels for easier rolling ability

***Mounting Options available  in Top Plate, Hollow Rivet, Grip Ring Stem, Threaded Stem, Round and Square Stem, Swivel Total Lock and Directional Lock, Available in 3”, 4”, 5” & 6” casters and wheels for the Antistatic Chrome Hospital (CH) & Stainless Steel (SS) Series.

Next Generation Nylon Antistatic (NA) SERIES


  • Food Service                                                                                     
  • Institutional Equipment
  • Cast Carts                                                                                           
  • Store Fixtures
  • Utility Carts                                                                                      
  • Medical Equipment
  • Hospital Equipment


  • Maintenance Free
  • Sealed precision bearing raceway smooth 7 quiet
  • Total Lock Brake – Models lock both swivel and wheel
  • Directional Lock – Models lock swivel only (helps with steering)
  • Wheels feature sealing precision ball bearings and full threaded guards
  • Zinc plated top plate
  • Recessed axle with plastic cap covers 

**Mounting Options available in Top Plate, Hollow Rivet, Grip Ring Stem, Threaded Stem, Round and Square Stem, Swivel Total Lock, Directional Lock, Available in 3”, 4”, 5” and 6” casters and wheels for the Next Generation Nylon Antistatic (NA) Series



  • Care beds                                                                                         
  • Rehab Apparatus
  • Medical Technical Equipment
  • Physical Therapy Equipment


  • Antistatic caster
  • Stamped and drawn horn assembly
  • Zinc-plated
  • Double ball raceway (sealed)

**Mounting options available in Top plate, Hollow Kingpin, and Expansion Stem, available in 3”, 4”, 5” &   6” caster and wheel for the Rhombus 367 & 364 Antistatic Series



  • Nursing Home Beds                                                                     
  • Electronic  Equipment                                            
  • Medical Carts                                                                               
  • Patient Aids
  • Diagnostic Equipment                                                       
  • Patient Lifts


  • New Twin-Med antistatic available with new rounded pedal design
  • Wheels feature precision ball bearings for quieter smoother operation
  • Softer smoother operation
  • Softer quieter TPR tread design
  • Double ball bearing located in the swivel raceway on 4″ models
  • 5″ models feature a sealed precision bearing in the swivel raceway
  • Wheels have easy roll ability
  • Designed to protect axle/bearing area from hair/water
  • Total lock models lock both the wheel and swivel
  • Directional Lock (locks swivel) models are available (Consult representative for more information
  • Special colors available (Consult representative for color choices)

**Top plate and Threaded Stems Available in TA Series 4” & 5” caster and wheel available

Esther Dixon