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Polyurethane Caster Wheels

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The Eagle wheel is a newly designed polyurethane tread on polypropylene core wheel. It’s uniquely patented interlocking tread design offers superior adhesion that allows the Eagle wheel to achieve higher load capacities over other conventional wheels of similar design.


These caster wheels are ideal for most industrial applications. They are offered as plain bore, delrin, roller, or precision bearing. The standard tread color is blue.
4″x 2″ wheel diameter load capacity is 600 lbs
5″ x 2″ wheel diameter load capacity is 900 lbs
6″ x 2″ wheel diameter load capacity is 1100 lbs
8″ x 2″ wheel diameter load capacity is 1200 lbs


E-Track Straps

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Tough tie-downs and straps that work with E-Track anchoring systems to secure loads quickly and safely. Easy to use ratchets cranks tight to hold loads of any size and shape, even on rough and bumpy roads. Straps are made of durable polyester webbing that prevents loads from shifting to keep cargo undamaged.

Atlas Leveling Caster

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The Atlas stainless leveling caster combines a dual wheel caster and a leveling component (purchased separately) to create a practical and cost-effective integrated solution. Despite an apparent interference, the leveler foot responds quietly and dynamically to the swiveling wheels in the retracted position as though it wasn’t there.

 Product advantages:

  • Cost-effective integrated solution.
  • Improved stability.
  • Lower cost of installation.
  • Prevents damage to levelers.
  • Precise leveling component with one inch (25mm) of adjustment.
  • Leveler options include extended length studs and hex sockets.

 Available Series:

  •  500 Series Leveling Casters (150 – 500 lbs)
  • 1000 Series Leveling Casters (350 – 1000 lbs)