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Knack (Gang) Boxes – Replacement Casters

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There are several different options for replacing or adding your casters to Knack (gang) boxes or tool equipment boxes. The floor surface would dictate what type of wheel material and bearing for this application.  The most common used is our Faultless 1400 Series Medium Duty caster.  This caster has a zinc finish which features different wheel diameter in a 4”, 5”, 6”, and 8” diameter made of mold-on rubber and roller bearing. 


Rollock Brakes (Add RB Suffix – Ex: 1418-6RB)

Cam Style Brake (Add SB Suffix – Ex: 1418-6SB)

PL4 – Field Mountable Four Position Swivel Lock available

Total Lock (Add TB Suffix – Ex: 1418-6TB)

Grease Seals: (Add GS Suffix – Ex: 1418-6GS)

Thread Guard, (Add TG Suffix – Ex: 1418-6TG)


  • Top Plate – Made from 1/4” carbon steel, heat treated for added strength
  • Upper Raceway – Coined 5/16” raceway provides top performance under maximum rated loads
  • Lower Raceway – ¼” diameter, hardened ball bearings roll freely in a hardened raceway
  • Kingpin – Cold headed ¾” diameter kingpin holds raceways precisely in alignment
  • Horn Side Members – Plain, self-lubricating or roller bearings and precision bearings are available
  • Lubrication – Fittings are installed for both swivel raceway and wheel bearings as required
  • Finish – Corrosion-resistant zinc


  • Knack Boxes (Gang Boxes)
  • Carts for Commercial use
  • Platform trucks
  • Wire Shelving

Darcor Neoprene (D) Wheels

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Tread Symbol (D) Superior for all floor surfaces and offering excellent mobility and wear resistance, Darcor Neoprene “D” wheels are quiet and non-staining. Designed for light to medium loads, they are shock absorbing, and resistant to damage from chemicals and debris.