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Industrial Casters

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We are a leading supplier of Industrial Casters.  Industrial casters are defined as any non-decorative caster where function is more important than the overall look or design of the caster.  Industrial casters must meet specific performance requirements such as capacity, overall height, mounting measurements, and overall durability. Most industrial casters are zinc plated steel with a heavy duty wheel.  Threaded stems, Grip ring stems, and solid plates are a few of the fasteners used to secure the caster to an item.  An industrial caster can be classified as any caster used in an industrial application from 3” swivel casters on a computer server rack to 10” kingpinless casters on a heavy duty towable to platform truck in an automotive plant or machinery in a steel fabrication plant.

Appliance Hand Trucks

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We carry a wide variety of appliance trucks to fit any of your large material handling needs.  All of our trucks are equipped with at least one safety strap and have either an offset crank for added safety for your heavier loads or a simple ratchet that is both easy to use and safe for most appliances.  We also have access to many different wheel sizes to accommodate any environment. Stair rollers make it easy to lower or raise the item up and down stairs or the back of a truck. If you have a washer, dryer, refrigerator, dishwasher, or any other appliance that needs to be moved California Caster is your one stop shop.