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Loading Dock Equipment

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A dock plate is a very effective way to bridge uneven trailer and dock heights. This is an easy and efficient way to safely transport goods on and off of a wide variety of trailers with varying load heights.  California Caster carries a large range of different size aluminum dock plates in different material thicknesses that can handle up to 10,000 pounds.  Some dock plates can be purchased with added steel curbs on either side for added reinforcement and to help keep the load contained to the plate.

Wire Shelving

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Wire shelving is a great way to create a functional and efficient storage space in almost any area.  The modular design allows you to create your shelving to fit in virtually any space. The bright chrome finish adds a professional and clean look. This storage option can be utilized in almost every industry from restaurants to offices and even in your own home or garage.  Wire Shelving

Business Machine Casters

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Business Machine casters, also known as Low Profile casters, have a remarkably higher capacity without compromising the low profile design.  Typically these casters have a 2″ or 3″ wheel and can normally hold anywhere from 500 to 1200 pounds each.  Most commonly found in the computer industry, these casters provide excellent stable support for server racks and other valuable equipment. Their wheels provide excellent floor protection.  These casters are perfect for any application that requires a caster to hold heavy equipment where the overall height a limiting factor.  Some applications may include computer storage, vending machines, copiers, or refrigerated displays, just to name a few.Buisness Machine Caster

Furniture Dollies

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Furniture Dollies - R1830-A493-4TG

A furniture dolly, sometimes also called piano dolly are useful items to have on hand. Primarily used for moving jobs, furniture dollies can easily transport bulky or heavy items such as pianos, couches, armoires, or tables. They are also great around the office to move heavy file boxes, file cabinets, or desks.  Furniture dollies are constructed of heavy duty wood frames with carpet to protect your load from scratches. The caster configuration can be all swivels for easy maneuverability or rigid casters can be added to the configuration for added control when steering.