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Faultless 1406-5A Swivel Caster

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The Faultless 1406-5A Caster  has a steel wheel with a roller bearing.  This not only gives each caster high durability and a weight capacity of up to 900 lbs but also the ability to roll easily while supporting the load.  The metal wheel holds up to prolonged exposure to high temperatures, which works well for environments like powder coating ovens or other instances where the wheel is going to be exposed to temperatures higher than 450 degrees for longer than 20 minutes at a time.

Faultless Swivel 1406-5A Caster


Faultless 108-2-1/2 Swivel Caster

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The Faultless 100 line is excellent for general warehouse and factory applications.  The 108-2-1/2 wheel is a unique combination of durability, weight capacity, and low profile.  It is only  3-3/16 inches high and supports up to 200 lbs per wheel, making this metal wheel caster one of the most impressive and durable in Faultless’ 100 line.

Faultless Swivel Caster 108-2-12