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Foot Master GDR-80F Leveling Ratchet Plate Caster

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Foot Master GDR-80F (1)

This is one of the best casters on the market.  Not only is it fashionable but it is also a one-of-a-kind leveling caster.  The GD series has a heat-treated raceway with top-notch swivel operation and longer production life.  This particular model comes with a self-contained ratcheting device to raise and lower the stabilizing pad.  The anti-vibration pad lowers to the ground to relieve pressure off of the wheel, making your equipment stationary.  It is perfect for environments where you need a steady and durable workplace.
Foot Master GDR-80F (2)


1499-5 PEM Swivel Caster

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The 1499-5 PEM is your caster if you are looking for an economical workhorse.  The load capacity is 750 lbs. while rolling smooth as butter with its precision bearing. The Dyna-Tred polyurethane wheel is built for extended wear with a strong hub.  Polyurethane resists chemical absorption, and the tough hub won’t dent.  The caster itself is coined with a 5/16″ raceway, providing top performance under maximum rated loads.  It is durable, reliable, and – most importantly — you’ll be getting a hefty bang for your buck.

1779-5 PEM Swivel Caster