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Swivel-EAZ® S3 Wheels

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Swivel EAZ S3 Wheel


The state-of-the-art Swivel-EAZ wheel is now available as a solid polyurethane with no aluminum or steel components. With STAINLESS STEEL PRECISION BALL BEARINGS this new design is ideal for steam cleaning and wash down applications or where excessive water or liquid is present.

The new solid polyurethane Swivel-EAZ S3 wheel has the same revolutionary design as the Swivel-EAZ featuring a split-tread wheel offering independent swivel surfaces significantly reducing rolling resistance and minimizes initial start forces.  Swivel-EAZ S3 wheels is available in 4”-8” wheel diameters and 5 different non-marking polyurethane tread durameters options (i.e.70A, 85A, 95A, 60D and 75D). They are maintenance-free for longer service life too.

California Caster offers both the standard Swivel-EAZ and the new Swivel-EAZ S3 wheels as a direct retro-fit for use in your existing 2″ wide casters or complete in swivel and rigid casters with load ratings up to 10,000 lbs.  

For caster application where ergonomic considerations require low push/pull forces to establish and sustain motion, casters with The Swivel-EAZ and Swivel-EAZ S3 are an excellent choice, you will immediately get the advantage of a 35-50% reduction in push/pull forces.

This roll-easy, ergonomic wheel is perfect for use in the following industries:

·         Semiconductor Equipment for the mfg of integrated circuits and hard drives
·         Pharmaceutical
·         Automotive
·         Medical Equipment
·         Food Processing
·         Restaurant Equipment
·         Slaughterhouses
·         Meat-packing
·         Institutional

Rock N Roller Multi Cart

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The Rock-N-Roller 8-In-1 multi-cart vastly reduces time and effort when moving equipment.  The design instantly transforms into any of 8 configurations to fit any equipment size or shape, replacing the need for 8 separate carts.  The Rock-N-Roller quickly and ergonomically moves huge amounts of gear and can fold in on itself for convenient storage.  This cart is so innovative it is even featured in college engineering textbooks for its outstanding design.  Custom-designed R-Trac no-flat wheels feature a pneumatic tire-like cushion ride, low rolling resistance, a high-strength polymer hub, and are extremely light weight.  The multi-cart also features a strong steel tube frame with tough textured finish to resist load slippage.  The frame also has pre-punched holes in foldable sides to allow for optional accessory attachments.  Let your inner rock star out and get yourself a Rock-N-Roller today!R2RT

Wheel and Tire Chocks

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This is our 74 Wheel Chock made of 100% recycled tire rubber. These chocks are resistant to weather, salt, moisture, UV, oil, and temperature. They are skid-resistant and will not damage tires or pavement.  The model seen here is 9.25″ deep X 6.75″ wide X 8″ high and weighs 12 pounds.  They work excellently and are commonly used by semis, dump and tow trucks, and RVs.  Some accessories available with this model include Eye-bolt, Loop Handle, Rope Pigtail, Yellow Rope Connect, Cable Dock Connect, and Snow & Ice Shoe.  STOP shopping around and pick yours up today.

Wheel Chock