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4345M Light Duty Swivel Caster

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This light duty caster is rated at 30 pounds.  Constructed with a plastic wheel, a wood stem caster, and a brass body, it is inexpensive and efficient.  It works well with light duty furniture and antiques. Small caster, small cost!

4345M Swivel Caster

Platform Carts

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Attention California Caster customers!!  We have brought in a new line of platform trucks, and since we got a deal we are passing it on to you. Whether you are in Piedmont or any other part of the surrounding Bay Area, come down and check out our sleek black (available in other colors) 24″ X 48″ platform truck.  Perfect for many applications including moving, warehouse use, service industry, and many others.  This platform truck may look small, but it has a load capacity of 1600 lbs., giving ample weight accommodation.  Come down to our new location in Oakland and get yours today.Platform Carts