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Dutro U-Boat Stocking Carts

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At California Caster we are fully stocked with Dutro U-Boat Carts.  Built to hold up to 1500 lbs and with a 60″ by 16″ platform, it will move your materials with ease.  Some other features offered with these U-Boats are non-marking wheels, optional additional shelves, and removable handles.  The main feature people love about U-Boats is the 360-degree steering.  So if you are in Fremont or any other of the growing Bay Area cities, come see our new warehouse and pick up your U-Boat today.

Dutro U-Boat Carts

Rolling Ladders

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Step right up and get your rolling ladder today at California Caster.  Assembled with heavy duty casters, our rolling ladders offer top-notch mobility and are known for their safety and stability.  Whether you are working with racks, machinery, or other material handling equipment, our rolling ladders are perfect for you.  Stop by today to pick up your ladder and stand above the rest.Rolling Ladders