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Swivel-EAZ® Heavy Duty Casters

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At California Caster, we take pride in our ability to adapt.  We have come up with a heavy duty combination.  The popular Swivel EAZ® wheel already gives you a low-maintenance, smooth roll with an unparalleled swivel radius.  We have taken our heavy duty rig that is meant to hold a 6” x 3” wheel and fitted it with three Swivel EAZ® 3/4″ thick wheels for even more ergonomic rolling power.  These custom-made casters have a load capacity of 3,300 lbs per caster.  If you are looking for optimum mobility for something heavy, pick up yours today!

Swivel EAZ Heavy Duty Casters

Scaffold Casters

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With construction thriving in the growing Bay Area, you may need to update your scaffold casters. Here at California Caster we offer scaffold casters in  5″, 6″ and 8″ versions.  These casters have a zinc finish, double ball bearing raceways, a total locking feature, and a king bolt and nut construction for added strength.  Come by our new warehouse in Oakland to get your scaffold casters today!