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Dutro Appliance Hand Trucks

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Specialized hand trucks are indispensable for moving large home appliances such as refrigerators and ranges, as well as vending machines, sofas, and other large, heavy objects. Why risk back injuries, sidelined workers, and comp claims? Dutro appliance hand trucks are designed to make moving appliances easier and safer. New belt systems and swing-out options put Dutro appliance trucks at the forefront of functional design and durability. The new one-belt retract system makes any moving job easier, and available straps help secure heavy loads for added safety and maneuverability. For moving and repositioning vending machines and appliances, trust Dutro Appliance Hand Trucks to get the job done. Find out more about high-quality, productivity-enhancing hand trucks from the experts at California Caster!

Atlas Leveling Casters for Industrial Automation Applications

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California Caster is pleased to offer Atlas Leveling Casters. Designed for automation applications in the semiconductor, medical, and pharmaceutical industries, these precision casters reduce installation cost and improve equipment stability by combining a caster and a leveling component.

Atlas Leveling Casters come in 500 lb. 1000 lb.-rated models for heavy-duty industrial applications. They’re lightweight and extremely durable, with significant advantages over competitors’ products:

  • Leveler is concentric with caster swivel axis.
  • Patented kingpin rivet construction reduces shock loads by up to 65% compared to other stamped and cold-forged steel casters.
  • Dual wheels for high load capacity, low height, and excellent ergonomics.
  • Multiple wheel options, including low-cost phenolic and high-performance polyurethane with precision bearings.
  • Leveling component adjusts easily with standard tools.
  • Standard length-of-travel is one inch beyond the wheel; extended-length levelers are available.
  • Compatible with Atlas Zone 4-tested seismic restraints.

Atlas offers 100% stainless steel and semi-stainless (approximately 90% stainless) versions of its leveling casters, to meet the varied needs of pharmaceutical and semiconductor equipment industries. The stainless version is suitable for washdown applications. The semi-stainless version, intended for non-washdown cleanroom applications in the semiconductor equipment industry, is more cost-effective and looks identical to the 100% stainless version.

Contact California Caster today to find out more about Atlas Leveling Casters.

Glide-Rite™ Leveling Mounts

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Glide-Rite Leveling Mounts are the ideal solution to stabilizing display tables, shelves, cabinets, point-of-purchase displays, and even lightweight machinery.  They provide a level and stable base for the respective machine or object.  These low-cost industrial glides also make it much easier to move your office or display furniture. Glide-Rites are available with clear, zinc-plated or stainless-steel caps, and they also feature a thermoplastic or no-skid elastomer base and inch or metric threads. Once you try Glide-Rite mounts, you’ll wonder how you ever did without them. You’ll find a full selection at California Caster or visit our showroom to find out more!