Casters and wheels are not all created equal. Different applications require casters and wheels with specific load-capacity ratings. There are three categories of casters: light, medium, and heavy duty. Light-duty casters are used frequently for office and home furniture. Their load-capacity ratings range from 75–145 pounds, perfectly adequate for light furniture, carts, and tables, but not for heavier furniture or equipment. Medium-duty casters are designed for moderately heavy industrial equipment and furniture, medical equipment and carts, and hospital beds. Their maximum load-capacity rating is about 325 pounds. Heavy-duty casters are made for heavy-duty medical and industrial applications. They have load-capacity ratings of 1250–8000 pounds and are designed for use with heavy medical equipment and industrial machinery. California Caster sells light, medium, and heavy-duty casters for every commercial, residential, industrial, and medical need. Visit our main website to find out more, and feel free to call us anytime for friendly, expert assistance.