Casters are incredibly useful when it comes to furniture that needs to be moved around, including tables, chairs, cabinets, and so on. Like any other application, the right casters make things easy, and they’ll last a long time. You also need to think about the floor surface. For hard floor surfaces like concrete, tile, or wood, urethane or soft rubber casters are best. For carpeted floors, hard wheels are best, and the thicker the carpet, the wider the wheels should be. The weight of the piece is also important. Casters are available for light, medium, and heavy furniture. Remember to divide the weight of the furniture by the number of casters. For example, if you have a 200-pound table with four wheels, then each one needs to support 50 pounds. It’s good to have excess capacity, though, because the weight load often shifts when you move the furniture. California Caster offers a huge variety of furniture casters. Check our website to learn more, or call us anytime for friendly, knowledgeable help.