When it comes to heavy-duty material handling tasks in commercial and industrial environments, using the right products is critically important to efficiency and worker safety, not to mention making sure the products stay in service for a long time. Here are some of the factors you need to consider. The right casters Efficient heavy-duty material handling means using the right casters, including the right size wheels and weight capacity. For heavy-duty use, you’ll need larger casters – usually four inches or more. The caster mechanism should be heavy-duty stainless steel or aluminum to avoid lock-ups and buckling under heavy loads. The right size Using the right size dolly, platform truck, or hand truck is the best way to prevent worker injuries and/or damage to the equipment or cargo. It may be tempting to use a not-quite-big-enough platform to move a larger-than-usual item, but this is a false economy if it results in injury or damage to the cargo or your facilities. Don’t learn the hard way! Plus, make sure the platform material – steel or aluminum – is strong enough for its intended tasks. Finally, always use a dolly or truck that’s rated slightly higher than the maximum weight and size you expect to move. Call the heavy-duty material handling experts California Caster knows a few things about heavy-duty material handling. We sell casters, dollies, carts, platform trucks, and hand trucks for every commercial and industrial need.  Visit our website to learn more, and call us for friendly, knowledgeable assistance.