California Caster’s High Temperature Caster Wheels with Steel Shielded Hi-Temp Precision Ball Bearings surpasses all other high temperature wheels in performance, longevity and cost. The maintenance free steel shielded precision ball bearings provide ease of rollability along with reduced maintenance costs. The waffle core design of the wheel provides maximum strength and durability. They are also resistant to water, steam and chemicals.  This wheel can operate continuously at 480 degrees Fahrenheit; intermittently at 500 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes and 600 degrees Fahrenheit for  7-10 minutes. Our high temperature wheels are ideal for bakery racks used in Hobart, Lux, Revent and all other similar type bakery ovens, mobile powder coating room racks, curing ovens, autoclaves and other high heat applications. This wheel is available in the popular 4”x1-1/2” size with 3/8” or ½” bearings as well as other sizes ranging from 3-1/2” up to 8” in diameter.  Casters for our high temperature wheels are available in both stainless steel and zinc plated finishes with plate or stem fastenings.High-Temp Bakery WheelsNOTE: High Temperature grease in the raceway/swivel section bearings of the caster is recommended for the caster to swivel correctly. Swivel bearings last longer if lubricated regularly. Normally casters need lubrication every six months, but in extreme applications once a month is recommended. Casters should be lubricated after each washing of racks. Terry Cavanaugh