Furniture casters last a long time, but they still sometimes need replacing. The best way to order replacement furniture casters is from a company that specializes in casters and wheels, not the place where you bought the furniture. Typically, by the time furniture casters wear out or break, the warranty period is going to be long past. At California Caster, we sell casters for every type of furniture application, and in most cases we can provide a close match or even an exact match. To order replacement furniture casters, note the finish and the way the caster connects to the furniture. Casters use either a mounting plate, a threaded stem, or a ferrule (you can view examples on our website). Plate and threaded-stem casters attach to furniture legs with screws. A ferrule is a “cap” that fits over the end of the leg. Measure the caster’s diameter and the dimensions of the mounting plate, stem, or ferrule. Then go to our furniture casters webpage and check the three categories of furniture casters you’ll see on the page. Every caster we sell is pictured to make it easy to find what you need. Have questions? Feel free to call us for prompt, friendly service.