Light-duty, consumer-grade casters are highly versatile, and they’re common in homes and workplaces. Inexpensive light-duty casters increase safety and reduce injuries, by making it much easier to move furniture, workstations, lab equipment, and more. TV and Video Television and video equipment are very popular applications for light-duty casters. Gear can be contained in one cabinet or purpose-built entertainment center that’s fitted with casters for easy room-to-room portability in homes, workplaces, hospitals, etc. Chairs and Stools Virtually any home or office chair can be fitted with casters or wheels. Home dining-room chairs with casters are both stylish and efficient. Industrial and laboratory chairs and stools are also popular applications for wheels and casters. California Caster offers a huge variety of light-duty casters, suitable for new and replacement applications. Visit our website to find out more, or call us anytime for prompt, friendly service.