Shopping for casters? Be sure you know what load capacity you need. All casters are rated for maximum weight, so you’ll need to know how much weight you expect to put on them. There are three main groups of caster load capacities. Light-Duty Casters – Office Furniture Light-duty casters have capacities of 75-145 pounds and are often used in offices and other applications involving chairs, tables, carts, or desks. Medium-Duty Casters – Light Industrial Equipment Medium-duty casters support up to 325 pounds and are commonly used in commercial and medical environments, including hospital beds, medical carts, and light industrial applications. Heavy-Duty Casters – Heavy Industrial Applications Heavy-duty casters are designed for major industrial applications, with capacities of 1250-8000 pounds. They’re ideal for heavier medical equipment and industrial machinery. We have casters and wheels for every application. Not sure what you need? Visit our  website, or call California Caster today for friendly, knowledgeable help.