Stem casters are an excellent choice for light to medium duty applications with limited mounting-surface space where a top plate won’t fit, such as chair and table legs, shelving, carts, etc. They’re an easy way to make shelving and furniture easily moveable—e.g., for cleaning or rearranging floor space—and they’re ideal for wire shelving units with hollow tubes or pipes.  Stem casters are commonly found in hospitals, restaurants, offices and any other place where space is an issue. Stem casters come in threaded, plain, grip-neck, grip-ring, round, hollow kingpin, and expanding adapter varieties, and they’re available with or without multiple brake options.  Round stem casters are typically found on scaffolding and have a hole in the stem where a cotter pin securely attaches it to the application.  Need stem casters? You’ll find a full selection at California Caster!