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3-Way Convertible Hand Trucks

4" Double Race BB Swivel Grey Non-Marking Wheels
Rotating Lock Mechanism for Easy Lowering to the Tilt Trucks Position
Maximum Load Can Be Carried in Any One of the Three Positions
Mold-on Rubber Wheels (800 lbs. Capacity)
Toe Plate 7" Clear x 14" Wide x .25" Thick
Dimensions 50" x 19"
Weight 62 lbs.
Dutro's 3-Way hand trucks reduce fatigue, saving your back and muscles while assuring maximum payload with maximum safety. Ideal for beverage routes, baggage, and retail stores.
Full Pneumatic (530 lbs. Capacity)
Solid Rubber (700 lbs. Capacity)
Questions? Please call 800-950-8750
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