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Vibration Dampening Pads

Vibration dampening pads, also known as Distributed Isolation Material (DIM) pads, isolate vibration and cushion shock between machinery and the floor. They also act as an anti-skid pad and will not mar surfaces.


  • Use for vibration isolation, shock absorption and noise suppression
  • Oil and grease resistant
  • Available in three different durometers and two thicknesses
  • Large pads can easily be cut to any size or shape
  • Load range 50-300 psi
Vibration Dampening Pads

Pads (Inch)

S&W P/NThicknessSizeMax Capacity (psi)Durometer
SW216937-5Quote Request5/166x65050
SW216937-6Quote Request5/166x610060
SW216937-7Quote Request5/166x620070
SW216937-7AQuote Request1/26x630070
SW216937Quote Request5/1618x185050
SW216937BQuote Request5/1618x1810060
SW216937AQuote Request5/1618x1820070
SW216937CQuote Request1/218x1830070