Medical computer cart and hospital bed casters made with polyurethane, Monotech, Vipor and Neoprene.  Custom 3D models available.

Air Pneumatic casters for hand trucks and carts provide a cushioned ride, shock absorption and quiet operation. They are ideal for transporting delicate loads over rough surfaces.  Ideal for use in hospitals, hotels, retail stores and movie studios. Available in top plate-swivel and top plate-rigid.

Standard line conveyor top plate casters are water and chemical resistant and able to withstand steam cleaning.  High load capacity polyflex wheels are light in weight and high in impact strength.

Many of our pneumatic and standard line conveyor casters have 3D Models available for download in most formats, including IGES, STEP, PRO/E, and SolidWorks.

Air Pneumatic Casters

8 10 12 Air Pneumatic Casters

Standard Line Conveyor Casters

Standard Line Conveyor Casters