When it comes to shock absorption, rubber wheels have no equal. Rubber wheels are softer than wheels made from other materials, making it easier to move sensitive equipment. Whether you need to move equipment around your facility or to a whole new location, rubber wheels are great for isolating your equipment from jolts and bumps. With today’s delicate industrial and high-tech equipment, rubber wheels can mean the difference between a trouble-free move and one that damages hardware and computer components, potentially bringing operations to a standstill. Durable and versatile Rubber wheels provide a nearly ideal combination of easy maneuverability and the versatility to move equipment easily across concrete, smooth floors, carpeted surfaces, and uneven surfaces. Plus, they’re highly durable, ensuring long life. California Caster has a comprehensive selection of rubber wheels for every industrial and commercial need. Visit our website to learn more, and feel free to call us anytime for expert advice.