The SnapLock Leveler is the leveler of choice for applications requiring a non -skid pad. Using a snap ring design around the perimeter of the base, the cap clamps into the outside diameter of the base, locking it securely into place.  Compared to the traditional rubber pads attached with adhesive or caps that just slip over the bottom of the base, SnapLock ensures a much more stable, reliable anti-skid function, allowing the pad to stay in place under the most demanding conditions. This feature is especially important for applications where equipment is moved frequently since the pad will not peel off if the leveler is dragged across a floor. SnapLock-Leveling-Mounts These are available in all the standard, metal base Level-It styles from 1″through 3″ base diameters and on all standard finish styles in gold chromate, clear zinc, black oxide, and nickel as well as stainless steel. Liz Whitney