Hotels and resorts have a variety of equipment and furniture, most of which needs to be moved. That’s why it makes sense to use specialty casters that make these tasks as easy as possible. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind, including the various options available. Light, medium, and heavy duty The most basic aspect of casters is load capacity. Casters are available for light, medium and heavy loads. Hotels and resorts have a wide range of load capacity needs, from lightweight chairs and service carts to heavy-duty freezers, ovens, and other equipment. Another consideration is how casters will attach to the equipment or furniture. Basic options include top plate and stem. Stem casters are appropriate for items with legs, such as chairs and tables, while top plate casters are good for items that have flat surfaces on the bottom. There are many variations on both basic types; visit our website to find out more. Another aspect of casters is what they’re made of. Various materials have different characteristics, including hardness and durability, and you need to consider things like the floor surface and the weight of the equipment or furniture. You should also think about how often the item needs to be moved, how far, and, if it’s something guests will see or use, the aesthetics of the casters. Casters and wheels for every application California Caster has casters and wheels for virtually every application. Visit our website to learn more about our specialty casters for hotels and resorts, and feel free to contact us for friendly, knowledgeable assistance.