Large Section of Aluminum and Steel Hand Trucks Hundreds of drivers, business owners and movers drop by our retail facility in San Francisco looking for the perfect hand truck.  Our goal at California Caster and Hand Truck is to provide as wide a selection of manufacturers as possible that can offer multiple configurations. Hand truck options and configurations can vary greatly depending upon the industry served (beverage, food service, grocery chains, movers, etc.). When making your decision, we suggest you consider the following criteria before purchasing your hand Truck:
  • Aluminum vs. Steel. This issue boils down to the overall weight of the hand truck. Aluminum is significant lighter while steel is considered more durable.
  • Ergonomics. Higher end models generally offer the most ergonomically correct options allowing less driver effort and therefore reduce risk.
  • Type of use. You get what you pay for when purchasing a hand truck. If your work environment involves jumping curbs, climbing stairs or just plain harsh environments, we strongly suggest an Industrial hand truck that can handle that environment. If your goal is to purchase a hand truck for light weight, general purpose use, we would suggest a steel, well-designed hand truck.
California Caster and Hand Truck is a master distributor for both B&P and Dutro Hand Trucks. Both manufacturers offer you different options to meet your specific requirements. B&P Manufacturing
  • Heavy duty capacity
  • Light weight, aluminum solution
  • Multiple configurations to design your own hand truck
  • Ergonomically proficient
  • 2-year warranty on parts and lifetime warranty on axle brackets.
  • Constructed with 700 lb. aircraft rivets
  • Variety of wheel choices (flat free/care free/foam-filled)
Dutro Company
  • Steel or aluminum construction
  • Multiple configuration features
  • Multiple wheel configurations
Please feel free to stop by our San Francisco office and test drive all your different hand truck options. Our professional staff is always available to answer questions regarding your choice around wheels, handles, nose plates and accessories. We have inventory available for most all configurations. Jeff Castro, Cal Caster Hand Truck Specialist