We invite you to browse through our extensive selection of over 25,000 casters (including 3D CAD models and spec sheets). Our casters are available in a wide variety of mounting, wheel, and brake options to help you find the right swivel, rigid, or stainless steel caster for your industrial, medical, institutional and household applications. If you don’t find the caster for your unique application, please call us at 1-800-950-8750. Our knowledgeable customer service team would be happy to assist you find a great caster to match any application. We are available Monday thru Friday between 8:00am and 4:30pm (PST) and look forward to being of service.
Light Duty Casters
    • General duty caster
    • Good combinations of strength, durability
    • Good economy
    • Load Capacity 90-450 lbs each caster
Medium Duty Casters
    • Recommended caster for institutional use requiring good mobility
    • Maintains free
    • Quiet operation
    • Load capacity 100-1200 lbs each caster
Heavy Duty Casters
Heavy Duty Casters
    • Designed for continuous use under heavy loads
    • Good for warehouse applications
    • Kingpin less
    • Load capacity 350-3500 lbs each caster
Medical Casters
Medical Casters
    • Made for the medical and pharmaceutical industries
    • Antistatic casters
    • Antimicrobial casters & wheels
    • Load capacity 90-1200 lbs each caster
Decorative Casters
Decorative Casters
    • Made for designer styling combined with economy
    • Good mobility from deep pile carpeting to slick tile
    • Casters are available in a variety of stem and body combination to provide flexibility of choice and ease of installation
    • Load capacity 90-100 lbs each caster
Stainless/Food Service Casters
Stainless/Food Service Casters
    • Ideal for demanding duty in corrosive environments
    • Made for performance in chemicals, oils or wash down applications
    • Recommended caster for food service equipment, pharmaceuticals and animal cages
    • Load capacity 450-1050 lbs each caster
Business Machine/Low Profile Casters
Business Machine/Low Profile Casters
    • Made to support and move heavy office equipment
    • Low overall height
    • High load rating capacities
    • Ideal for use on server mount, large printers and other heavy diagnostic equipment
    • Load capacity 200-1200 lbs each caster
Specialty Casters
Specialty Casters
    • Pneumatic caster
    • Airline conveyor/cargo caster
    • Thread stem
Atlas Casters
Atlas Casters
    • High load capacity
    • Excellent ergonomics
    • Versatile mounting options
Footmaster Casters
Footmaster Casters
    • Heat treated raceway
    • Innovative axle
    • Side and back access
Swivel-EAZ Casters
Swivel-EAZ® Casters
    • Reduces down time, maintenance and workforce injury costs
    • Independent swivel surfaces
    • Reduces rolling resistance
    • Maintenance–free
Eagle Wheel Casters
Eagle Wheel Casters
    • High quality polyurethane tread
    • Heavy duty polypropylene core
    • Tread mechanically locked to core to prevent tread separation
    • Daily economical workhorse
Scaffold Casters
Scaffold Casters
    • Double ball bearing raceway
    • Total locking brake
    • King bolt and nut for added strength