Mighty Mount™ is the ideal solution for mounting heavy industrial equipment. Thirteen different sizes are available with load capacities ranging up to 12,500 lbs. Machinery life is extended through the use of a one-inch thick elastomer pad that provides a high level of shock and vibration isolation. Mighty Mount™ is often used on sensitive computerized equipment to isolate the equipment from external shock and vibration. With their sturdy, reliable construction and powder coated safety yellow finish, Mighty Mount™ will provide years of reliable and economical service.

Common Applications

  • Injection molding machines
  • Die casting machines
  • Vibration-sensitive equipment
  • Drill presses
  • CNC machines
  • Punch presses
  • Press brakes
  • CMM instruments


  • Meets OSHA anchoring standards
  • High strength steel housing with yellowpowder coated finish
  • High-density non-skid elastomer basefor vibration control
  • Steel zinc plated stud
  • Other stud sizes & lengths available
Mighty Mount

Steel Stud Style (Inch)

Steel P/NThread Length (inches)Thread (A)Base Dia (B)Base Height (D)Max Load (lbs)Min Load (lbs)Natural Frequency (Hz)Ship Wt (lbs)
MM5028A Quote Request 1 3/41/4-282130050140.32
MM5016B Quote Request 33/8-162130050140.40
MM5024B Quote Request 33/8-242130050140.40
MM80163 Quote Request 33/8-1631 1/270030081.14
MM80243 Quote Request 33/8-2431 1/270030081.14
MM80136 Quote Request 61/2-1331 1/270030081.46
MM120135 Quote Request 51/2-1351 1/2200050082.76
MM120118 Quote Request 85/8-1151 1/2200050083.26
MM160135 Quote Request 51/2-1361 5/84500100085.14
MM160105 Quote Request 53/4-1061 5/84500100085.60
MM160108 Quote Request 83/4-1061 5/84500100085.82
MM230105 Quote Request 53/4-1092 1/2125004000915.22
MM230148 Quote Request 81-1492 1/2125004000915.92