They are the easiest and most cost-effective way to attach mounts and glides to the tubes and pipes commonly used to construct frames, conveyor bases and industrial machinery. Simply hammer the threaded tube end into the bottom of the tube and attach the mount. The glass-reinforced nylon body is molded around the threaded brass insert ensuring that the insert stays put in even the toughest conditions. Manufactured in thread sizes from 3/8-16 to 3/4-10 and M10 to M20, tube adapters will work with PolyMount, Level-It, Anti-Vibe, and Glide-Rite levelers, mounts and glides.


  • Glass-reinforced nylon body
  • Brass threaded insert
  • Inch and metric threads
  • 1500 to 2000 lbs capacity
  • 1 1/2" and 2" square and round tubes
  • Schedule 10 pipe
  • Custom thread sizes
Threaded Tube Ends

S&W P/NThread (A)O.D. (B)Tube Gauge ShapeTube Outside Dia.Tube WallStatic Load (lbs)Ship Wt (lbs)
TE1-2A Quote Request 3/8-161.5 sq.16 ga. square1.5 sq..06515000.22
TE1-2B Quote Request 1/2-131.5 sq.16 ga. square1.5 sq..06515000.22
TE1-2C Quote Request 5/8-111.5 sq.16 ga. square1.5 sq..06515000.22
TE1-2D Quote Request 3/4-101.5 sq.16 ga. square1.5 sq..06515000.22
TE1-3A Quote Request 3/8-161.5 sq.11 ga. square1.5 sq..12015000.22
TE1-3B Quote Request 1/2-131.5 sq.11 ga. square1.5 sq..12015000.22
TE1-3C Quote Request 5/8-111.5 sq.11 ga. square1.5 sq..12015000.22
TE1-3D Quote Request 3/4-101.5 sq.11 ga. square1.5 sq..12015000.22
TE2-1A Quote Request 3/8-162.0 sq.16 ga. square2.0 sq..06520000.30
TE2-1B Quote Request 1/2-132.0 sq.16 ga. square2.0 sq..06520000.30
TE2-1C Quote Request 5/8-112.0 sq.16 ga. square2.0 sq..06520000.30
TE2-1D Quote Request 3/4-102.0 sq.16 ga. square2.0 sq..06520000.30
TE2-3A Quote Request 3/8-162.0 sq.11-12 ga. square2.0 sq..109/.12020000.30
TE2-3B Quote Request 1/2-132.0 sq.11-12 ga. square2.0 sq..109/.12020000.30
TE2-3C Quote Request 5/8-112.0 sq.11-12 ga. square2.0 sq..109/.12020000.30
TE2-3D Quote Request 3/4-102.0 sq.11-12 ga. square2.0 sq..109/.12020000.30
TE1-1A Quote Request 3/8-161.5 dia16 ga. round1.5 dia.06515000.22
TE1-1B Quote Request 1/2-131.5 dia16 ga. round1.5 dia.06515000.22
TE1-1C Quote Request 5/8-111.5 dia16 ga. round1.5 dia.06515000.22
TE1-1D Quote Request 3/4-101.5 dia16 ga. round1.5 dia.06515000.22
TE1-10A Quote Request 3/8-162.0 dia2.0" Sch 10 pipe1.9 dia.10920000.30
TE1-10B Quote Request 1/2-132.0 dia2.0" Sch 10 pipe1.9 dia.10920000.30
TE1-10C Quote Request 5/8-112.0 dia2.0" Sch 10 pipe1.9 dia.10920000.30
TE1-10D Quote Request 3/4-102.0 dia2.0" Sch 10 pipe1.9 dia.10920000.30
TE2-2A Quote Request 3/8-162.0 dia16 ga. round2.0 dia.06520000.30
TE2-2B Quote Request 1/2-132.0 dia16 ga. round2.0 dia.06520000.30
TE2-2C Quote Request 5/8-112.0 dia16 ga. round2.0 dia.06520000.30
TE2-2D Quote Request 3/4-102.0 dia16 ga. round2.0 dia.06520000.30
TE1-2A-ACME1 Quote Request 3/8-121.5 sq.16 ga. square1.5 sq.06515000.30
TE1-2B-ACME1 Quote Request 1/2-101.5 sq.16 ga. square1.5 sq.06515000.30
TE1-2C-ACME1 Quote Request 5/8-81.5 sq.16 ga. square1.5 sq.06515000.30
TE1-2D-ACME1 Quote Request 3/4-61.5 sq.16 ga. square1.5 sq.06515000.30
TE1-3A-ACME1 Quote Request 3/8-121.5 sq.11 ga. square1.5 sq.12015000.30
TE1-3B-ACME1 Quote Request 1/2-101.5 sq.11 ga. square1.5 sq.12015000.30
TE1-3C-ACME1 Quote Request 5/8-81.5 sq.11 ga. square1.5 sq.12015000.30
TE1-3D-ACME1 Quote Request 3/4-61.5 sq.11 ga. square1.5 sq.12015000.30
TE2-1A-ACME1 Quote Request 3/8-122.0 sq.16 ga. square2.0 sq..06520000.30
TE2-1B-ACME1 Quote Request 1/2-102.0 sq.16 ga. square2.0 sq..06520000.30
TE2-1C-ACME1 Quote Request 5/8-82.0 sq.16 ga. square2.0 sq..06520000.30
TE2-1D-ACME1 Quote Request 3/4-62.0 sq.16 ga. square2.0 sq..06520000.30
TE2-3A-ACME1 Quote Request 3/8-122.0 sq.11-12 ga. quare2.0 sq..109/.12020000.30
TE2-3B-ACME1 Quote Request 1/2-102.0 sq.11-12 ga. quare2.0 sq..109/.12020000.30
TE2-3C-ACME1 Quote Request 5/8-82.0 sq.11-12 ga. quare2.0 sq..109/.12020000.30
TE2-3D-ACME1 Quote Request 3/4-62.0 sq.11-12 ga. quare2.0 sq..109/.12020000.30
TE1-1A-ACME1 Quote Request 3/8-121.5 dia.16 ga. round1.5 dia..06515000.30
TE1-1B-ACME1 Quote Request 1/2-101.5 dia.16 ga. round1.5 dia..06515000.30
TE1-1C-ACME1 Quote Request 5/8-81.5 dia.16 ga. round1.5 dia..06515000.30
TE1-1D-ACME1 Quote Request 3/4-61.5 dia.16 ga. round1.5 dia..06515000.30
TE1-4A-ACME1 Quote Request 3/8-122.0 dia.1.5" Sch 5 pipe1.9 dia.06515000.30
TE1-4B-ACME1 Quote Request 1/2-102.0 dia.1.5" Sch 5 pipe1.9 dia.06515000.30
TE1-4C-ACME1 Quote Request 5/8-82.0 dia.1.5" Sch 5 pipe1.9 dia.06515000.30
TE1-4D-ACME1 Quote Request 3/4-62.0 dia.1.5" Sch 5 pipe1.9 dia.06515000.30
TE1-10A-ACME1 Quote Request 3/8-122.0 dia.2.0" Sch 10 pipe1.9 dia.10920000.30
TE1-10B-ACME1 Quote Request 1/2-102.0 dia.2.0" Sch 10 pipe1.9 dia.10920000.30
TE1-10C-ACME1 Quote Request 5/8-82.0 dia.2.0" Sch 10 pipe1.9 dia.10920000.30
TE1-10D-ACME1 Quote Request 3/4-62.0 dia.2.0" Sch 10 pipe1.9 dia.10920000.30
TE2-2A-ACME1 Quote Request 3/8-122.0 dia.16 ga. round2.0 dia..06520000.30
TE2-2B-ACME1 Quote Request 1/2-102.0 dia.16 ga. round2.0 dia..06520000.30
TE2-2C-ACME1 Quote Request 5/8-82.0 dia.16 ga. round2.0 dia..06520000.30
TE2-2D-ACME1 Quote Request 3/4-62.0 dia.16 ga. round2.0 dia..06520000.30