California Caster offers top of the line, heavy duty, ergonomically designed casters and wheels for manual and power automotive towline applications at speeds up to 8 MPH. Kingpinless casters have been proven to provide the best possible performance for heavy duty automotive plant application such as mother/child dollies, door skins dollies, complete door dollies and chassis dollies. Kingpinless style casters are designed to reduce push/pull forces thus protecting workers from injuries due to overexertion. They also are extremely durable with a higher tolerance for shock and impact loading. The heavy duty construction of kingpinless casters significantly reduces maintenance costs, downtime and worker's compensation claims which translate into improved plant efficiency, productivity and most importantly your bottom line.

Also, you may want to consider increasing the swivel lead of the caster for heavy duty towline application. An extended swivel lead provides a larger turning radius which further reduces the force required to begin the caster to turn. A longer swivel lead also stops the caster from fluttering for better tracking and payload protection. It also eliminates noisy caster chatter…..helping to lower your plants decibel measurements.

Another important component around the selection of any quality caster is the wheel. The wheel is the heart of the caster itself. In heavy duty industrial application we often turn to high-performance non-marking polyurethane wheels like the Swivel-EAZ® split tread polyurethane wheel for better turning and superior rolling resistance. There are several factors that should be considered when determining the wheel size, tread design (i.e. flat or crowned) and most importantly, the hardness of the wheel tread or durometer.

Listed below are a few of the most popular casters used in the automotive industry. If you would like to consider additional options, please click here to view our full line of casters. California Caster specializes in designing custom solutions to meet the most stringent application requirements. Our design team is available between 8:00am – 4:30pm (PST), Monday through Friday and can be reached toll-free at 800-950-8750. You may also contact us via email at

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