Semiconductor Manufacturing Equipment Industry

California Caster offers a wide variety of casters and levelers for all types of Semiconductor manufacturing equipment (SME). We provide standard and custom casters and levelers for front-end equipment like the silicon wafer manufacturing equipment and wafer processing equipment as well as back-end equipment such as testing, assembly and packaging equipment. From the transition to larger silicon wafer sizes (from 200 mm diameter wafers to 300 mm diameter wafers), California Caster has worked closely with all major SME manufacturers to provide the right caster and leveling mounts for the most stringent equipment applications. While working closely with the SME industry for years, we've recognized the exacting environmental requirements of clean rooms and have successfully addressed industry concerns regarding ergonomics.

Listed below are a few of our more popular casters used in the semiconductor industry. If you would like to consider additional options, please click here to view our full line of casters. California Caster specializes in designing custom solutions to meet the most stringent application requirements. Our design team is available between 8:00am - 4:30pm (PST), Monday through Friday and can be reached toll-free at 800-950-8750. You may also contact us via email at

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