Used to deliver or restock beer, wine, soft drinks, groceries, snacks, and other products for the food and beverage industry. The six wheel design allows for greater maneuverability when turning and positioning.
Brand: B&P
Material: Aluminum
Type: Warehouse Carts
Model: FHE-2460-217-HD10-SH
Capacity (lbs.): 1200
Height: ---
Width: 24
Length: 60
Description: Square Handles and Shelf Option. Two handles with two crossbars and one vertical strap (handles include buttons for optional containment curtains). 8" x 2" urethane center wheels. 6" x 2" TPR square tread swivel casters.
Available Colors: N/A
Available Options: Rounded Style Handles, Containment Curtains, Removable Shelf (200lb Capacity), Center Brake (add 11 lbs.)
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