brand: B&P
material: Aluminum
type: Three Way Hand Trucks
model: Liberator B60-CA2-D5
description: Height in 2 wheel position 52"
Height in 4 wheel position 42"
Deck Area 51" x 12"
Deck Height 11"
600 lb Capacity, 10" x 3.5" 2 pc Steel Hub, 4 Ply Pneumatic wheels
Capacity in 2 wheel position 600 lb.
Capacity in 4 wheel position 900 lb.
Weight 48 lb.
applications: B&P's aluminum 3-way hand trucks will allow you access in elevators, hallways, and other tight spaces traditional convertibles will not fit but still have all the benefits of converitble hand trucks with the 45 degree capability. They are ideal for bottled water companies, ice companies and other delivery professionals.
Other available wheel type: D3F 600 lb Capacity, 10" x 3-1/2" foam-filled - Can't go flat, 1 pc solid hub, precision bearing
D6 600 lb Capacity, 10" x 3" Carefree, 1 pc Steel Hub, 5/8" Precision Bearing
D10 600 lb Capacity, 10" x 2-1/8" Polyolefin Hub, Balloon Cushion
D2 500 lb Capacity, 10" x 2.5" 1 pc Plastic Hub, Semi-Pneumatic
D15 10" ProFlex Polypropylene hub. Closed cell polyurethane tread
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