Type HJ is USDA-certified and suitable for hygienic production environments. It can be mounted to the floor, it has a high weight load and tolerates 9° slants.


Product DescriptionFoot Plate TypeSpindle Thread (UNC)Thread Length (inches)Total Height (D)Machine Foot Load (N)
HJ080-HJG US5865-RHO5825 Quote Request 3.155/86.57.3330.300
HJ080-HJG US5885-RHO5835 Quote Request 3.155/88.59.3319.800
HJ080-HJG US3465-RHO3425 Quote Request 3.153/46.57.3343.800
HJ080-HJG US3485-RHO3435 Quote Request 3.153/48.59.3341.200
HJ080-HJG US1065-RHO1025 Quote Request 3.1516.57.3377.500
HJ080-HJG US1085-RHO1035 Quote Request 3.1518.59.3377.500
HJ080-HJG US5465-RHO5425 Quote Request 3.151 1/46.57.3380.000
HJ080-HJG US5485-RHO5435 Quote Request 3.151 1/48.59.3380.000
HJ090-HJG US5865-RHO5825 Quote Request 3.545/86.57.3330.300
HJ090-HJG US5885-RHO5835 Quote Request 3.545/88.59.3319.800
HJ090-HJG US3465-RHO3425 Quote Request 3.543/46.57.3343.800
HJ090-HJG US3485-RHO3435 Quote Request 3.543/48.59.3341.200
HJ090-HJG US1065-RHO1025 Quote Request 3.5416.57.3377.500
HJ090-HJG US1085-RHO1035 Quote Request 3.5418.59.3377.500
HJ090-HJG US5465-RHO5425 Quote Request 3.541 1/46.57.3380.000
HJ090-HJG US5485-RHO5435 Quote Request 3.541 1/48.59.3380.000
HJ110-HJG US5865-RHO5825 Quote Request 4.335/86.57.3330.300
HJ110-HJG US5885-RHO5835 Quote Request 4.335/88.59.3319.800
HJ110-HJG US3465-RHO3425 Quote Request 4.333/46.57.3343.800
HJ110-HJG US3485-RHO3435 Quote Request 4.333/48.59.3341.200
HJ110-HJG US1065-RHO1025 Quote Request 4.3316.57.3377.500
HJ110-HJG US1085-RHO1035 Quote Request 4.3318.59.3377.500
HJ110-HJG US5465-RHO5425 Quote Request 4.331 1/46.57.3380.000
HJ110-HJG US5485-RHO5435 Quote Request 4.331 1/48.59.3380.000
HJ150-HJG US5865-RHO5825 Quote Request 5.915/86.57.3330.300
HJ150-HJG US5885-RHO5835 Quote Request 5.915/88.59.3319.800
HJ150-HJG US3465-RHO3425 Quote Request 5.913/46.57.3343.800
HJ150-HJG US3485-RHO3435 Quote Request 5.913/48.59.3341.200
HJ150-HJG US1065-RHO1025 Quote Request 5.9116.57.3377.500
HJ150-HJG US1085-RHO1035 Quote Request 5.9118.59.3377.500
HJ150-HJG US5465-RHO5425 Quote Request 5.911 1/46.57.3380.000
HJ150-HJG US5485-RHO5435 Quote Request 5.911 1/48.59.3380.000
HJ150-HJG US5485-RHO5435 Quote Request 5.911 1/48.59.3380.000