The XH machine foot is certified according to the 3A hygienic standard: “88-00” and certified according to the EHEDG hygienic standard TYPE EL - CLASS 1. The patented XH machinefoot is sealing all moveable parts 100 % hygienically, even if the load on the foot is removed. The XH type is approved for machines and equipment for the dairy-, brewery and pharmaceutical industry, applications with the highest demands for hygiene and cleaning. The design of the XH system reduces the cleaning effort to an absolute minimum. The sleeve covers the thread, and also functions as a nut. The machine foot admits slopes up to 10° of floors and equipment. The XH machine foot is marked with the 3A and EHEDG logo. Instructions of mounting/cleaning, the 3A and EHEDG certificate are sent together with the shipment. XH65, XH80, XH105, XH125, XH150.


Product DescriptionFoot Plate TypeSpindle Thread (UNC)Thread Length (inches)Total Height (D)Machine Foot Load (N)
XH065-XH5859-RHOX5820 Quote Request 2.565/85.9067.029
XH065-XH5883-RHOX5832 Quote Request 2.565/88.2689.389
XH065-XH3459-RHOX3420 Quote Request 2.563/45.9067.029
XH065-XH3483-RHOX3432 Quote Request 2.563/48.2689.389
XH065-XH1059-RHOX1020 Quote Request 2.5615.9067.029
XH065-XH1083-RHOX1032 Quote Request 2.5618.2689.389
XH065-XH5459-RHOX5420 Quote Request 2.561-1/45.9067.029
XH065-XH5483-RHOX5432 Quote Request 2.561-1/48.2689.389
XH080-XH5859-RHOX5820 Quote Request 3.155/85.9067.2115
XH080-XH5883-RHOX5832 Quote Request 3.155/88.2689.5715
XH080-XH3459-RHOX3420 Quote Request 3.153/45.9067.2115
XH080-XH3483-RHOX3432 Quote Request 3.153/48.2689.5715
XH080-XH1059-RHOX1020 Quote Request 3.1515.9067.2115
XH080-XH1083-RHOX1032 Quote Request 3.1518.2689.5715
XH080-XH5459-RHOX5420 Quote Request 3.151 1/45.9067.2115
XH080-XH5483-RHOX5432 Quote Request 3.151 1/48.2689.5715
XH105-XH5859-RHOX5820 Quote Request 4.135/85.9067.2322
XH105-XH5883-RHOX5832 Quote Request 4.135/88.2689.5922
XH105-XH3459-RHOX3420 Quote Request 4.133/45.9067.2322
XH105-XH3483-RHOX3432 Quote Request 4.133/48.2689.5922
XH105-XH1059-RHOX1020 Quote Request 4.1315.9067.2322
XH105-XH1083-RHOX1032 Quote Request 4.1318.2689.5922
XH105-XH5459-RHOX5420 Quote Request 4.131 1/45.9067.2322
XH105-XH5483-RHOX5432 Quote Request 4.131 1/48.2689.5922
XH125-XH5859-RHOX5820 Quote Request 4.925/85.9067.2530.3
XH125-XH5883-RHOX5832 Quote Request 4.925/88.2689.6124.1
XH125-XH3459-RHOX3420 Quote Request 4.923/45.9067.2532
XH125-XH3483-RHOX3432 Quote Request 4.923/48.2689.6132
XH125-XH1059-RHOX1020 Quote Request 4.9215.9067.2532
XH125-XH1083-RHOX1032 Quote Request 4.9218.2689.6132
XH125-XH5459-RHOX5420 Quote Request 4.921 1/45.9067.2532
XH125-XH5483-RHOX5432 Quote Request 4.921 1/48.2689.6132
XH150-XH5859-RHOX5820 Quote Request 5.915/85.9067.3330.3
XH150-XH5883-RHOX5832 Quote Request 5.915/88.2689.6924.1
XH150-XH3459-RHOX3420 Quote Request 5.913/45.9067.3343.8
XH150-XH3483-RHOX3432 Quote Request 5.913/48.2689.6943.8
XH150-XH1059-RHOX1020 Quote Request 5.9115.9067.3370
XH150-XH1083-RHOX1032 Quote Request 5.9118.2689.6970
XH150-XH5459-RHOX5420 Quote Request 5.911 1/45.9067.3370
XH150-XH5483-RHOX5432 Quote Request 5.911 1/48.2689.6970
XH150-XH5483-RHOX5432 Quote Request 5.911 1/48.2689.6970