Nylon wheels are solid white nylon. Nylon wheels are exceptionally durable, have high impact resistance and are excellent for wash-down applications and other applications that may require steam cleaning. The white color is preferred by industries requiring a clean environment as dirt and grime show up easily if missed in cleaning. Nylon wheel applications may include pharmaceutical manufacturing, food processing, restaurant equipment, slaughterhouses, meat-packing, institutional and medical environments.

  • Heavy duty injection-molded nylon material.
  • Non-marking floor protection
  • Resists solvents, and works well in corrosive environments.
  • Perfect for clean rooms.
  • Super-ergonomic -- rolls and swivels easily.
  • Durometer: 75 Shore D (+/-5).
  • Temperature range: -40°F to +210°F.
Part Number Diameter Width Bore Size Hub Length Hub Type Bearing Type Load Capacity
NY30GE90 Quote Request 3 1 1/4 3/8 1 9/16 Centered Plain 300
NY40GE90 Quote Request 4 1 1/4 3/8 1 9/16 Centered Plain 350
NY50GE90 Quote Request 5 1 1/4 3/8 1 9/16 Centered Plain 500
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