IMG_6535 B&P hand trucks are created using metal extrusion – A process by which the material is forced though a die, resulting in an extruded part that can be cut to size as needed and is stronger than parts created using a cast die.  (Using a cast die can create air bubbles that cause weak spots which can ultimately shorten the life span.)  This hand truck is customizable, with a variety of features and interchangeable parts. The perforated deck offers many advantages:  Since it is not slatted, smaller boxes will not fall through.  Snow, sleet and rain will not collect on it, which will keep boxes and interior drop-off locations drier.  It is available as a permanent fixture or as a snap-on addition. This hand truck has a curved, heat-treated handle with a comfort sleeve.  It also features non-marking and lightweight Carefree tires which will not go flat but still have the same shock absorption as pneumatic wheels. Come visit our Oakland showroom, and we will help design the perfect hand truck for you.