Rigid or Swivel Wheels? Here’s how to Decide

Casters and wheels come in a wide variety of designs, sizes, materials, load capacities, and mounting types. One of the most basic questions when choosing wheels is, rigid or swivel? The answer depends on your space constraints, how often and

Rubber Wheels: Great for All Types of Moving Jobs

When it comes to shock absorption, rubber wheels have no equal. Rubber wheels are softer than wheels made from other materials, making it easier to move sensitive equipment. Whether you need to move equipment around your facility or to a

Moving Things in Warehouses: Get the Right Equipment

Commercial goods and industrial equipment are often heavy and bulky. Using the right equipment is key to safety and efficiency, and there’s a solution available for every task. Hand trucks are basic to every commercial and industrial environment. They come

Pallet Jacks and Wheels: Hard-Working for Heavy Loads

Pallet jacks are great for moving very heavy loads around warehouses, factories, retail stores, and loading docks. Given the extreme wear-and-tear, pallet jacks need their wheels replaced regularly to do their job efficiently and reduce scuffing on floors. The two

Worn Hand Truck Wheels Slowing You Down?

Hand truck wheels that are past their prime can lead to wasted effort, worker injuries and comp claims, and low productivity. Don’t let worn wheels slow your operation down—keep things moving by choosing the right hand truck wheels. When replacing

Cast Iron Wheels – Rugged, High-Impact Wheels for Heavy-Duty Use

Cast iron wheels are designed for high-capacity, high-impact, and extreme-heat applications, offering the highest tensile strength available (30,000 psi). These long-lasting wheels are ideal for rough surfaces, including environments with glass particles or metal scraps, for example. Cast iron wheels