Dolly or Hand Truck: Which One is Best for You?

Most businesses have equipment, furniture, and/or merchandise that need to be moved. Choosing the right equipment can save on costs by making your operation more efficient, and minimize the chances of workplace injury.  Dollies and hand trucks are two of

Heavy Duty Material Handling: Get the Right Tools

When it comes to heavy-duty material handling tasks in commercial and industrial environments, using the right products is critically important to efficiency and worker safety, not to mention making sure the products stay in service for a long time. Here

Appliance Trucks: Move Heavy Appliances With Minimal Effort

Appliance trucks are designed to make easy work of moving heavy, bulky appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, and ovens. When you’re shopping for an appliance truck, there are various maximum weight capacities to choose from, along with special features designed

Moving Things in Warehouses: Get the Right Equipment

Commercial goods and industrial equipment are often heavy and bulky. Using the right equipment is key to safety and efficiency, and there’s a solution available for every task. Hand trucks are basic to every commercial and industrial environment. They come

Rolling Safety Ladders: Reach High Spaces Easily and Safely

Rolling safety ladders are used to provide safe, temporary access to high shelves and other out-of-reach areas, in warehouses, industrial plants, offices, hospitals, libraries, and schools. They’re fitted with swivel casters for easy movement and positioning in warehouse aisles and

Pallet Jacks and Wheels: Hard-Working for Heavy Loads

Pallet jacks are great for moving very heavy loads around warehouses, factories, retail stores, and loading docks. Given the extreme wear-and-tear, pallet jacks need their wheels replaced regularly to do their job efficiently and reduce scuffing on floors. The two

Platform Trucks: Built for Heavier Loads

Platform trucks are used to move heavier loads in commercial and industrial facilities, and they can be custom-designed for a variety of tasks. They’re often constructed from steel or aluminum, to hold up under constant use and loads of up

Keep Loads From Shifting With Save-A-Load Cargo Load Bars

Save-A-Load cargo load bars help secure loads from shifting or falling during transport. Cargo load bars are designed for fast, temporary placement, via hydraulic cylinder pump, between walls or between floor and roof in vans, trucks, and trailers. Our cargo

Pallet Dollies: Fast, Easy Access to Pallet Loads

Pallets are great for transporting and storing a wide variety of materials, but they can be awkward to access and move without a forklift or jack. That’s where pallet dollies come in. Pallet dollies make it easy to access and