Dolly or Hand Truck: Which One is Best for You?

Most businesses have equipment, furniture, and/or merchandise that need to be moved. Choosing the right equipment can save on costs by making your operation more efficient, and minimize the chances of workplace injury.  Dollies and hand trucks are two of

Appliance Trucks: Move Heavy Appliances With Minimal Effort

Appliance trucks are designed to make easy work of moving heavy, bulky appliances, such as refrigerators, freezers, and ovens. When you’re shopping for an appliance truck, there are various maximum weight capacities to choose from, along with special features designed

Moving Things in Warehouses: Get the Right Equipment

Commercial goods and industrial equipment are often heavy and bulky. Using the right equipment is key to safety and efficiency, and there’s a solution available for every task. Hand trucks are basic to every commercial and industrial environment. They come

Keghook Hand Truck

A keghook hand truck is a must for anyone who moves kegs on a regular basis. Staying upright has its benefits, one of which is ease of movement. The keghook can be stored in tight spaces.  It is perfect for

B&P Hand Truck – A13-B81-C6-D6SS-E21-E25LP

B&P hand trucks are created using metal extrusion – A process by which the material is forced though a die, resulting in an extruded part that can be cut to size as needed and is stronger than parts created using

Beverage Delivery Hand Trucks

Beverage trucks are an industry must for any delivery driver.  The narrow frame allows easy maneuverability in the tightest of store isles.  The fully welded steel frame is incredibly durable and will last through the toughest routes.  The open design

Dutro 132 2-Way Hand Truck

The 132 2-Way Hand Truck is the perfect entry level 2-Way Hand Truck. We stock this Hand Truck with semi-pneumatic wheels as they are practically maintenance free.

3-Way Convertible Hand Trucks

Three way convertible hand trucks are easy to use and offer an efficient answer to address multiple material handling requirements with one truck.  These can be utilized as a standard hand truck, platform truck, or in an ergonomically sound 45 degree

Appliance Hand Trucks

We carry a wide variety of appliance trucks to fit any of your large material handling needs.  All of our trucks are equipped with at least one safety strap and have either an offset crank for added safety for your