How to Calculate the Weight Limit per Caster

One of the primary considerations for choosing casters is the “load,” which refers to how much weight each caster will support. Calculating the load you need for each caster or wheel is simple: just divide the weight of the furniture,

Choosing the Right Casters for Moving Heavy Loads

The invention of the wheel no doubt happened when our ancestors realized that some things simply can’t be carried very far. Wheels and casters make much easier work of moving even the heaviest loads across considerable distances. Casters and wheels

Stainless Steel Casters: Ideal for Food Processing Environments

Stainless steel is extremely versatile and durable. It resists corrosion, heat, and impact damage, and it’s also very easy to clean, which makes it ideal for food-processing and food-service applications. Food processing is strictly regulated for hygiene and cleanliness. Anything

Specialty Casters for Hotels and Resorts

Hotels and resorts have a variety of equipment and furniture, most of which needs to be moved. That’s why it makes sense to use specialty casters that make these tasks as easy as possible. Here are a few considerations to

Moving Things in Warehouses: Get the Right Equipment

Commercial goods and industrial equipment are often heavy and bulky. Using the right equipment is key to safety and efficiency, and there’s a solution available for every task. Hand trucks are basic to every commercial and industrial environment. They come

Caster Load Capacity: Light, Medium, and Heavy Duty

Casters and wheels are not all created equal. Different applications require casters and wheels with specific load-capacity ratings. There are three categories of casters: light, medium, and heavy duty. Light-duty casters are used frequently for office and home furniture. Their

How to Order Replacement Furniture Casters

Furniture casters last a long time, but they still sometimes need replacing. The best way to order replacement furniture casters is from a company that specializes in casters and wheels, not the place where you bought the furniture. Typically, by

Stainless Steel Casters: Strong, Low-Maintenance, Long-Lasting

Heavy-duty industrial and commercial caster applications demand rugged durability. Our stainless steel casters are designed to hold up even in the most punishing work environments. They’re fabricated using all stainless steel components, to withstand years of demanding everyday use in