Commercial goods and industrial equipment are often heavy and bulky. Using the right equipment is key to safety and efficiency, and there’s a solution available for every task. Hand trucks are basic to every commercial and industrial environment. They come in a wide variety for different uses, so don’t assume that the one you use to load refrigerators onto a truck, for example, will work just fine for moving 55-gallon drums.
  • Convertible hand trucks are versatile, transforming quickly from a conventional hand truck into a platform truck for bulkier, heavier objects.
  • Stair-climbing hand trucks are useful when things need to be moved between floors.
 Hydraulic or electric lifts Lifts are great for moving very heavy industrial equipment. If you need to move heavy objects now and then, it’s definitely a worthwhile investment. Carts and dollies Carts and dollies are useful for a huge variety of moving tasks, in warehouses, industrial plants, moving and storage facilities—the list goes on and on. Carts and dollies make it easy to move lighter objects, and they can also be used in combination for moving heavier ones. California Caster sells all types of hand trucks, lifts, carts, and dollies—plus replacement wheels and casters—for virtually every warehouse, industrial, or commercial need. Visit our main website to find out more. Not sure what you need? Call us for expert advice.