Most businesses have equipment, furniture, and/or merchandise that need to be moved. Choosing the right equipment can save on costs by making your operation more efficient, and minimize the chances of workplace injury.  Dollies and hand trucks are two of the most useful technologies for moving goods and equipment.  What type of equipment is best for your business? Dollies A dolly is a platform with swivel casters on each corner for easy maneuverability. Dollies come in a variety of sizes and are very useful for moving loads in close quarters, such as hallways. They’re fine even for heavy loads and are used in warehouses and plants, and by movers.  Hand trucks A hand truck is an upright steel-frame with a narrow platform at the bottom, usually set at a right angle, with two wheels mounted behind the platform. Hand trucks are among the most versatile pieces of equipment for moving everything from shipping boxes to refrigerators. They’re highly maneuverable, and they’re used in wide-ranging industrial, commercial, and warehouse environments. Specialty hand trucks are available with additional sets of wheels to create a four-wheeled cart, and also with special wheel assemblies for climbing stairs. California Caster: your dolly and hand truck specialist California Caster is your dolly, hand truck, and replacement casters and wheels specialist. Visit our website to learn more about our available models, and feel free to contact us for friendly, professional service.