Happy New Year!

We at California Caster would like to thank you for your business and support in 2017. We wish you growth and prosperity in 2018 and look forward to continuing to be your go-to provider for all your caster, leveler, hand

Louisville Ladders

At California Caster, we pride ourselves on being able to meet your needs beyond casters.  We have an extensive line of Louisville Ladders in a variety of sizes and types.  Economical and built with quality, they include step ladders, multipurpose ladders,

Happy Holidays

We wish you a very happy holiday season and look forward to working with you to insure a prosperous 2015.

Happy Thanksgiving

There is no time more fitting to say Thank You. The California Caster Family thanks you for your business, and we wish you peace and happiness for you and yours this Thanksgiving season.

Furniture Dollies

A furniture dolly, sometimes also called piano dolly are useful items to have on hand. Primarily used for moving jobs, furniture dollies can easily transport bulky or heavy items such as pianos, couches, armoires, or tables. They are also great