Our casters and wheels are designed and built to deliver trouble-free service for many years. Inspecting, cleaning, and lubricating your wheels and casters often – and replacing them promptly when they’re worn out – helps keep them doing their job. Inspect your casters and wheels regularly Regular visual inspection of your casters and wheels will usually tell you if anything needs attention. Like any equipment, casters are subject to wear and tear. Inspect all caster components, along with the screws/bolts attaching the caster to the equipment. Replace any casters and/or fasteners that show wear or damage. Lubricate your casters and wheels often Adequate lubrication helps keep casters rolling smoothly. Lubricate all caster wheels and fittings every six months to keep them working properly. If your equipment is used in wet or corrosive environments, the lubrication schedule should be more frequent – as often as once per month. Replace worn out or damaged casters When your casters and wheels wear out or become damaged, replacing them promptly helps safeguard your valuable equipment and maximize productivity. Call California Caster anytime you need replacement casters or parts, or check our website.